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About Omron

Did you know that Omron started with trouser pressers, or that the company was founded in Japan more than 70 years ago? There is so much more to learn about Omron, like our strong ethics as an organization and our core belief in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Company Profile

How much does Omron invest annually in research and development? What is the innovation track? What distinguishes Omron from the competitors?

Business Fields

In Canada, Omron is represented by four main business types: Industrial Automation, Automated Optical Inspection, Electronic Components and Healthcare. These companies, working with an extensive network of local distributors and solution providers, cover all of Canada.


You can find Omron at several fairs across the Americas. Please check the schedule for further information.


Omron is dedicated to operating as a socially responsible company—in both a community and an environmental capacity. As an environmentally conscious company, we have strict guidelines on the materials that are used in our products and how those materials are handled.