Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Omron Corporation operates on the principle that increasing the total value of a corporation economically, socially and environmentally is a vital issue in sustainable corporate development.
Basic CSR policy - 3 pillars
1) Contribute to a better society through business operations.
Continuously offer advanced technologies, high-quality products and services by stimulating innovation driven by social needs.
2) Show a commitment to addressing societal issues as a concerned party.
Address issues such as human rights, environment, diversity and community relations in a way that draws on Omron’s distinctive strengths.
3) Always demonstrate fairness & integrity in the promotion of corporate activities.
Promote more transparent corporate activities that maintain fairness and integrity not only through strict compliance with laws, regulations and social rules but also through increased accountability.
As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Omron Automation & Safety expresses appreciation for the support and cooperation received from local communities through outreach activities and monetary support.
Our CSR is important because it gives employees a sense of fulfilling a valuable purpose in a safe and productive work environment, helps Omron focus the business on adding value to society, and helps prevent damage to “brand” operations by shedding light on both company and employee contributions to local communities and general society.
Making a Difference:
  • Omron gives employees 8 hours of paid time-off per year to serve communities
  • Environmentally conscious company cars use 4-cylinder engines
  • Omron Foundation increases donations during economic downtown
In addition to participating in outreach activities throughout the year, each year on May 10th—Omron Corporation’s Founder’s Day—Omron Automation & Safety employees devote their time to serve their local community in a variety of charitable activities.