Omron’s Motion and Control Systems Help American Packaging & Plant Equipment Put This One in the Bag

Cambridge, Ontario-based American Packaging & Plant Equipment (APPE) practices a unique business philosophy, which their employees apply in every aspect of their day-to-day activities - keep it simple (KIS).

With over 1 million bags packed on their intermittent and continuous motion machines daily, APPE’s customers enjoy the benets of their business philosophy - the KIS rule. With a passion for vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines, APPE is continuously involved in developing advanced machines to solve some of the toughest packaging challenges faced by the industry.

APPE’s latest technological advancement is in the development of an environmentally friendly high-speed VFFS machine. This new machine is the VERTOBAGGER 2.0 and it reduces the waste impact that exible packaging materials make on a global scale. Unique features of the VERTOBAGGER 2.0 enable companies to use thinner materials and consume less packaging materials by using an ultrasonic sealing mechanism.

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