Omron and MartinCSI Partnership a Vision of Success: Dedicated Lab Drives Brand Protection

The complexity and volume of projects - requiring integrated vision - that MartinCSI is frequently tasked with, prompted Omron to partner with the company and launch a dedicated vision lab to conduct proof-of concept work as well as testing and validation services.

In 2015, Omron partnered with MartinCSI to launch a dedicated vision lab to conduct proof-of-concept work as well as testing and validation services.

Since the opening of the lab, MartinCSI engineers have taken on some unique challenges to help customers improve the accuracy of barcode matching, pass/fail tests, data collection, traceability of products on a line as well as part presence and absence.

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    Powerful Vision System for Faster and Precise Inspection and Measurement

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    Simple, flexible & crystal clear

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    The new standard in image inspection and code verification