Semiconductor & Electronics

Higher connectivity with network security

Omron, a trusted partner, supports your semiconductor needs with innovations that deliver ultra-high-speed output solutions to perform precise control and nanometer positioning while offering openness, flexibility and custom user algorithms

As a global leader, we specialize in EtherCAT solutions, providing a platform that complies with  SECS/GEM standards to better assist with your most challenging applications, while keeping your manufacturing networks at the highest attainable level of security.

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  • Computer & Electronics

    Omron offers automation solutions that make manufacturing semiconductors efficient and profitable, no matter the end application.

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    Omron empowers customers in our ever-evolving digital age to keep pace with meeting the demands of consumers who are always looking for faster, smarter, better solutions.

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  • Wearables

    Manufacturers can rely on Omron automation solutions to help them not only keep up with constantly evolving wearables, but lead the way.

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