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Omron Announces Office Move for Canadian Headquarters

October 30, 2015

Part of Increased Investment and Revitalization in Canada and the Americas
We are moving our Canadian headquarters on November 16, 2015 to new and modern location in Consilium Place, a prestigious Toronto East business complex, with facilities that better reflect how we now do business in the 21st century. “Our old building was designed for the way Omron did business in the 1990s, with full warehouse and office space for a large marketing and support staff,” said General Manager Peter Brouwer. “Now that we operate as a Pan-American business, we needed to consolidate certain business functions to provide uniform service and support to meet customer needs.”

As of November 16, 2015, the new address is:

Omron Automation and Safety Canada

100 Consilium Place, Suite 802

Scarborough, ON M1H 3E3

Phone: 416.286.6465

Toll free: 866.986.6766

Email: askomron@omron.com

Web: industrial.omron.ca

In anticipation of the move, we relocated our warehouse services to KWE - Kintetsu World Express (Canada) Inc. earlier this year to integrate import/export activities and successfully shortened delivery time and customer responsiveness.

Other new investments designed to invigorate Omron’s business in Canada and the Americas include the acquisition of Adept Technology, Inc. (robotics) and Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc. (high precision motion controllers).
“The acquisition of Adept Technology is intended to integrate Omron’s strength of ‘Input, Logic, Output and Safety’ and Adept’s competence in ‘R’ (Robotics) to generate unique automation solutions for global manufacturers,” said Yutaka Miyanaga, Senior Managing Executive Officer & IAB Company President. “By adding Adept intelligent industrial robots to our automation portfolio, we are able to offer differentiated solutions that provide our customers with a competitive advantage.”

Through the acquisition of Delta Tau Data Systems, we aim to reinforce our technology development and engineering capabilities in the field of motion control designed to drive manufacturing equipment. Merging products and technologies of both companies will also enable delivery of optimized motion control solutions globally through combined distribution networks.

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