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Entry Level SQL Client CPUs

February 12, 2016

New entry level SQL Client machine automation controller leverages Big Data and IIOT.
We have expanded our offering of the Sysmac Machine Automation Controllers that directly connect to SQL databases with the entry-level NJ101 SQL Client models with few or no motion control axes. They can be used with a variety of SQL databases without special software or middleware. In addition to automation and motion control, they are used to perform data logging tasks and replace complex SCADA or gateway systems. With the addition of entry level SQL client CPUs, Omron has simplified the startup of big data utilization and IIoT introduction into manufacturing processes of varied scales. The NJ SQL Client CPUs can be installed on existing equipment as well as new machine builds.
By connecting directly to the database, users can accelerate leveraging real time data for productivity improvement, predictive maintenance and quality traceability at production sites. This data collection capability at the controller level gives users accurate information to share throughout the enterprise and supports future development of their IIoT control system. The NJ101 SQL Client CPUs are designed to address basic industrial controller applications in a wide variety of industries including Automotive, Semiconductor, Infrastructure, and Food and Beverage Packaging.
The Sysmac NJ SQL Client CPUs support Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL and Firebird to design a process control system with database tools familiar to the user, shortening the commissioning time and operator learning curve. Users are not required to have ICT-related programming knowledge to construct a system. Programming using ladder language, which is widely used at production sites, enables data utilization in manufacturing processes.

Key benefits include:

  • Eliminate PC points of failures on the line, reducing downtime risk
  • Minimize IT maintenance cost of middleware and PCs
  • Machine performance unaffected by IT data gathering
  • Offline programming by OEM with online connection and database testing
  • “Spool” data locally at the controller in case of communication failure
  • Function Block (FB) programming in Ladder or Structured Text (ST) using Sysmac Studio software with no SQL code knowledge required
No other automation provider has a product that integrates Logic, Motion, Vision, and Database Connectivity into a single platform.

The NJ101 SQL Client models join the proven NJ501 SQL Client CPUs that offer extensive motion control capabilities. Five models with direct database connectivity are available, varying by number of motion axes supported:

NJ501-1520 - 64 axes

NJ501-1420 - 32 axes

NJ501-1320 - 16 axes

NJ101-1020 - 2 axes

NJ101-9020 - No motion control

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