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Omron F3SG-RE Global Safety Light Curtain

November 10, 2015

Simple, Reliable & Cost Effective Global Safety Light Curtain with 24-hour multi-language online diagnostics.

Simple, Reliable & Cost Effective

Our F3SG-RE global safety light curtain is designed for machine guarding solutions that do not require blanking or muting capabilities. The cost effective F3SG-RE series provides simple on/off detection for straightforward applications and complements the fully programmable, multi-segment cascading F3SG-RA series of safety light curtains to offer OEM machine builders options within a single family. Both series offer finger and hand protection models with 14 mm resolution and 30 mm resolution, respectively. The IP67-rated housing withstands water washdown without additional protective tubes. Cost savings and increased efficiencies are due in large part to the F3SG-RE’s ease of operation, easy mount brackets, simplified connectivity, and informative indicators that expedite installation and reduce maintenance downtime.
The F3SG-RE is supported by 24-hour multi-language online diagnostics that allow operators around the world to check error details in their local language. They can immediately access online support and troubleshooting by scanning a QR code sticker applied to the machine using a smartphone or tablet. Specific diagnostic information in eight languages (English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German and Italian) makes the F3SG-RE an ideal solution for manufacturers who want to standardize safety on globally available products.

Key features of the F3SG-RE include:

  • Simplified set up and wiring due to SmartclickTM connectors and optical synchronization
  • Robust housing rated IP67 for waterproofing and shock resistance makes them ideal for a variety of environments and production lines
  • Quick troubleshooting and preventative maintenance via accumulated log data
  • DIP switches change light emission intensity to prevent interference with other sensors
  • Conforms to international standards for global use
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