Super strong guard lock safety-door switch

  • Ideal for large, heavy doors
  • Two safety circuits and two monitor contacts provide an array of monitoring patterns.
  • Standard gold-clad contacts enable use with ordinary loads and microloads.
  • Trapped key models
  • Models with rear release buttons allow people to unlock the Switch and escape if they are locked into hazardous areas


  • Holding force of 3,000 N
  • Models with trapped keys prevent workers from being locked in hazardous work areas
  • IP67 degree of protection

Circuits and Monitor Contacts

D4JL Two Circuits Contacts.jpg

Rear Release Buttons

D4JL Rear Release.jpg
D4JL Slide Key.jpg
A Switch with a rear release button allows the door to be unlocked from inside a hazardous area in an emergency. We also offer Switches with Special Slide Keys. Refer to the D4NS-SK/D4JL-SK for details.



Trapped Key Switches

D4JL Trapped Key Models.jpg

We also offer trapped key switches (on mechanical lock models only)

As long as a person has the trapped key when he enters a hazardous area, he does not have to worry about somebody locking the door and trapping himself inside.  The door can be opened only by supplying power to the solenoid and then turning the trapped key to unlock the D4JL. There are thirty different types of trapped keys available for use in applications with adjacent hazardous areas.



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