Greater flexibility in equipment design

E3NX-MA Dual Channel Smart Fiber Amplifier Units.

  • Downsize your control panel and power supply
  • Reduce wiring costs and labor
  • Perform basic logic-functions

Downsize equipment and control panels

The new dual channel fiber amplifier combines all the functions of two standard fiber amplifiers into one unit, allowing you to decrease the size of your control panel. Moreover, you can reduce your purchase cost, wiring time and power consumption.


Reduce Wiring

Power is supplied from the master connector; the slave connectors have outputs only. Since there are no master/slave distinctions in amplifier units, you can stock only one model type.


Network communications

Use sensor communications units to save wiring and remotely control up to 15 amplifier units, for a total of 30 fibers. A touch panel screen for dual channel threshold and light intensity is available; group setting reduces equipment commissioning time. The system monitors equipment conditions for preventive maintenance, and reduces downtime in case of trouble.



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