Dual fiber sensor amplifer

E3X-MDA incorporates 2 digital fiber amplifiers in one slimline housing. For applications requiring the detection of objects simultanously, the E3X-MDA provides an easy-to-use operation saving space and set-up time.

  • Two digital amplifiers in one slimline housing
  • Twin output models – on/off or area (between two threshold values)
  • Signal comparison functions (AND, OR, etc.)
  • Power tuning and selectable speeds/distances
  • Monitor values in digital, bar graph, or percentage form

Logic operations without PLC

Logic operations withour PLC.jpg
The AND and OR functionality for the two fiber channels allows simple signal processing without the need for a PLC. This allows the addition of sensor checks to machines without reprogramming the PLC.

Space & cost reduction

Space and cost reduction.jpg
The 2 in 1 amplifier replaces two standard amplifiers reducing space requirements and hardware cost.


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