Print mark detection photoelectric sensor in compact stainless steel housing

The detergent-resistant photoelectric sensor in a robust stainless steel housing provides reliable detection of all common print marks in food packaging applications.

  • White LED for stable detection of color or black print marks
  • SUS 316L stainless steel housing
  • Easy-to-use teach button or remote teach
  • Fast response time of 50μs

For smaller size and full RGB color detection performance, see the E3X-DAC-S.

One mounting

Operational stability

Stable operation for high-speed, vibrating, or semi-transparent materials.


Coaxial optical system with white LED

Remote teaching


Detergent resistance

The detergent-resistant sensors are tested on alkaline and acid-based detergents that are commonly used in the food industry. In comparison to conventional metal or plastic housing sensors, longer sensor lifetimes of 20 times or more can be achieved.
Performance comparison

Registration mark detection

The packaging material used in many packaging machines is very often delivered in rolls and has to be cut and positioned accurately. In order to avoid waste, errors, and to compensate for environmental influences, a registration mark (usually black or in a color that provides maximum contrast to the background) is added to the packaging material.
The goal of any mark sensor development is to reliably detect these registration marks even in changing environmental conditions. A particular challenge is the frequent exchange of packaging materials and the continuously changing packaging designs.
At Omron, we work closely with the leading packaging machine makers to evaluate the requirements for sensors detecting commonly used packaging material as well as the most critical designs and materials. In addition, the performance requirements vary according to the overall machine value concept

Solution portfolio

Complex shape and position detection and synchronized quality inspection.

For positioning and machine synchronisation tasks e.g. requiring the recognition of words or symbols, the shape, position detection functionalities of the vision sensors and systems can be set up to provide solutions for the most complex and challenging tasks. The vision systems can also detect the registration mark and perform position and quality inspections at the same time.
  • FQ2 - Simply guided and crystal clear
  • Xpectia-Lite - Performance in touch with simplicity

Challenging designs or colour marks

Objects with complex designs or where the contrast between print mark and background is low, require sensors that allow an easy adaption to the specific requirements of the particular task.
  • Amplifiers with digital value displays and advanced signal evaluation functions for application optimised settings
  • Wide range of sensing heads fitting the application and distance requirements
  • White LED, RGB ratio comparison and extended functionality
For more information see E3X-DAC-S.

Standard print mark detection

For print marks most commonly used in the packaging and printing industry, the contrast sensors with white LED have an optimised light intensity and RGB ratio evaluation algorithm ensuring a stable and fast detection.
  • Compact housing concept for high flexibility in machine design
  • Fast response time of 50 μs
  • Autoteach and white LED

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