Ultrasonic Displacement Sensor

Threaded Ultrasonic Displacement Sensor accurately measuring objects of any color.

  • Easy to use setting plug adjusts settings for temperature  compensation, analog outputs, and measurement range
  • Mutual interference prevention allows up to five sensors to be  placed in close proximity to each other
  • Long distance detection up to 6 meters possible supporting a  wide variety of applications
  • Reliable repeatability of 0.1% Full Scale maximum
  • Convenient M12 connection for quick and easy wiring to sensor
  • Ruggedly built with stainless steel casing
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  • Applications include detection of: dies, liquid levels, and height of stacked paper
  • Simple LED indicator color scheme with green for power, red for error, and yellow for RUN
  • Features CE Safety Approval
  • Ideal sensor for detecting the amount of slack in sheet materials
  • Sensor has convenient M30 threaded body for easy installation
  • Sensor able to withstand splashing water having IP65 Rating
  • A lit LED provides convenient visible confirmation that object is in sensing range
  • E4PA-LS50-M1-N features a quick response time of 63ms maximum
  • Four models cover measurement range from 50mm to 6 meters

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