• Connect Omron EJ1N TC Module to NJ Automation Controller

Multi-Loop temperature control - Control and Connectivity

EJ1 is designed to handle complex temperature profiles thanks to Omron’s unique Gradient temperature Control (GTC) algorithm and to offer easy program-less communication with Omron and third-party PLCs and HMI. Above all, EJ1 incorporates all “simple to use” clever temperature control technology, like 2-PID, disturbance control and various ways of tuning.

  • Interfaces to a wide range of industrial networks
  • Reduced engineering due to Programm-less communications, Smart Active Parts and Function Block Libraries
  • Available with screw terminals and screw-less clamp terminals
  • One unit handling various types of input, such as Pt, Thermocouple, mA, and V input
  • Gradient Temperature Control


Precise control of 2D temperature profiles

Gradient Temperature Control (GTC), Omron's unique loop-interacting PID control technology, ensures that a 2-dimensional temperature profile remains constant over a defined area, eliminating the damaging effect of hot spots on sheets of materials such as metal, glass, plastic or silicon wafers. GTC makes it possible to control the exact shape of the temperature profile at any position.

The perfect solution for multi-loop control

Reliability, compactness and uncompromising control performance make the CelciuX° the perfect choice for basic multi-loop control.

Multi-loop machine control with hmi

Control, overview and data-logging couldn't be easier with the CelciuX° in combination with a direct connection to Omron HMIs.


CX-Thermo_no_version .jpg
CX-Thermo enables faster parameter set-up, easier device adjustment and simpler maintenance. It dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to set and manage temperature control parameters, providing advanced creating, editing and batch-downloading functions.

CX-One / CX-One Lite

CX-One Splash_US.jpg
CX-One software allows users to build, configure and program a host of devices such as PLCs, HMIs and motion-control systems and networks using just one software package with one installation and license number. This greatly reduces the complexity of the configuration and allows automation systems to be programmed or configured with minimal training.


CX-Supervisor is dedicated to the design and operation of PC visualisation and machine control in Omron controller applications. It is not only simple to use for small supervisory and control tasks, but it also offers a wealth of power for the design of the most sophisticated applications.


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