Basic type with a combination of performance and functionality

The F3SJ-B-family is a type 4 safety light curtain with an optical resolution of 25 mm. An operation range of up to 7 m and a protective height up to 2,065 mm are provided with no dead zone.

  • Detection height = sensor height
  • Simple hand protection
  • Muting function available
  • Series connection up to three sets
  • Type 4 sensor complying with EN 61496-1 and up to PLe according EN ISO 13849
Resource Modules

RM-1 - Converts Solid-State Outputs to Electro-mechanical Force-Guided Relay Outputs

Allows the user of Safety Light Curtains and Laser Scanners a convenient and reliable method to use the solid-state output to enhance and extend the capabilities of the safety device.


RM-2 Group.jpg
Serves as central point for terminating all signals to and from a Safety Light Curtain or Laser Scanner solid-state output including MPCE monitoring and 24 VDC.


Provides muting controls for up to two Safety Light Curtains.


Provides centralized connections for solid-state safety outputs from up to four safety devices and produces a single pair of solid-state safety outputs.


The RM-6 provides for the wiring output of two to four muting sensors.


The RM-X converts the solid-state outputs of a Safety Light Curtain or Laser Scanner to relay outputs.

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