K6CM Motor Condition Monitoring Device with EtherNet/IP Communication

The K6CM is the latest motor condition monitoring device with the ability to quantify the status of a three-phase induction motor and incorporating EtherNet/IP communication to trend information on current analysis, motor vibration, motor temperature, and insulation resistance. Click here to download Downtime Calculator.

  • EtherNet/IP Compatible
  • LCD visual alarm display for easy visual indication of motor status
  • Capable of monitoring current, motor analysis, motor vibration, motor temperature, and insulation resistance
  • Motor condition can be trended using software tool
  • Insulation resistance and current monitor devices can be easily installed without removing or changing the existing wiring
  • Threshold setting ability to keep informed of maintenance forecasting
  • Push-in plus technology that reduce wiring work
  • UL Listed

K6CM Application Guide

Industry - Infrastructure

Air Supply and Exhaust Fan

Customer: Shopping Mall Building Maintenance

Application: Air conditioning equipment and air ventilation equipment

Issue: If there is a failure in the air conditioning motor, there will be no air circulation.  In the shopping mall, there are many restaurants using gas stoves, and without air circulation, there is a potential fire hazard.  Maintenance workers spend many hours performing routine inspections to prevent motor failures.

Solution: By installing any type of K6CM, maintenance engineers are now able to prioritize their motor inspections and work more effectively.

Water Pumps

Customer: Facility water service machine builder   

Application: Residential and commercial building water pumps

Issue: In many urban areas, there are many residential and commercial buildings. They have many water pumps with motors and when these stop, it is a serious inconvenience on the residents of these buildings. Maintenance engineers had many motors to inspect and only prepared a motor replacement after inspection, increasing motor downtime.

Solution: By installing any type of K6CM, maintenance engineers have knowledge of each motor condition and can replace motors before they fail, instead of inspecting and then replacing them.

Groundwater Pumps

Customer: Water Treatment Facility Maintenance

Application: Groundwater pumps

Issue: The groundwater pump is placed underwater at the water source (well), tank, and or water pool.  Maintenance had to perform maintenance on pump by bringing out of water source to check.  They could not mount anything to the motor to check it’s status.

Solution: By installing either K6CM-CI or ISM versions, maintenance engineers are now monitoring the pump from a central location using the K6CM monitoring tool and maintenance can be performed when it is necessary.

Escalator Motor

Customer: Escalator maintenance

Application: Escalator motors

Issue: Escalators need to have routine maintenance performed on them.  Some locations cannot experience an interruption in service during business hours.  Stopping these creates a large inconvenience to customers. Maintenance engineers do not get any warning of a motor failure until it happens.

Solution: By installing K6CM-CIM on the escalator, maintenance can be predicted and escalators can be shut down in non-business hours for maintenance.

Livestock Feeding Machine

Customer: Farmer/Farm Maintenance Engineer

Application: Livestock Feeding Machine

Issue: Many farms cover large acres and have livestock in remote locations. The motor that runs the feeding machine is important to keep the livestock fed. Without food, the livestock could perish.  When a motor would fail, maintenance engineers or farmers would have to travel to the remote location to fix it.

Solution: By installing any type of K6CM, maintenance engineers and farmers can predict if a feeding machine is degrading and plan maintenance to fix it before it becomes an emergency.

Other Applications

  • Wellhead facility
  • Hot Spring-head
  • Multi-level Car Parking


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