Protect your heating application

This temperature monitoring relay was designed specially for monitoring abnormal temperatures to prevent excessive temperature increase and to protect equipment. K8AK-TH provides temperature monitoring in slim design with a width of just 22.5mm.

  • Simple function settings using DIP switch
  • Selectable alarm latch and SV setting protection
  • Multi-input support for thermocouple or Pt100 and Pt1000 sensor input
  • Changeover relay: fail-safe selectable
  • Alarm status identification with LED


Protect your heating application

If a temperature sensor is damaged or the SSR is short circuited in a furnace, the controller has no means of stopping rises in temperature. An internal alarm can help, but there is still some risk if the controller fails. This risk is eliminated by the built-in redundancy of the K8AK-TH alarm unit which can automatically switch off the power to the furnace.

Prevent overheating in cabinets

Temperature rises due to heat dissipation from SSRs within a cabinet can be too high for efficient operation. Simple ON/OFF control with the K8AK-TH can protect against overheating without the necessity and expense of running the fans continuously.


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