At Omron, we like to listen to our customers. We could spend all day listening to their needs  – it gives us ideas. And because we’ve been listening to our customers for more than 20 years, you won’t be surprised that we’ve had quite a lot of good ideas.

But rather than us tell you about them, we thought you would prefer hearing it from people like you: our customers.

  • Roll grinding made easy

    A control system based on products from Omron is helping machine-tool expert Halifax Numerical Controls (HNC) to achieve success in the UK and around the world in the fiercely competitive market for roll grinders for rubber-coated rollers. Learn more

    Kusatsu Factory Improves Productivity Based on Objective Data

    Omron Kusatsu factory adopted an easy-to-use solution that enables real-time tracing of a product through all the manufacturing processes, and provides visualization to analyze where improvements can be made. Learn more