2 and 4-wire PUR (polyurethane) Safety Mats

Heavy-duty two-wire or four-wire presence sensing safety mats with quick disconnect cables, perimeter trim and Cat. 3 controllers.
  • IP65 rated for wash down cleaning
  • Single-piece molded PUR construction: withstands chemicals and abrasion better than PVC
  • Black or yellow color; choose what is best for the application
  • Easy cable connection: 4-wire for individual monitoring or 2-wire for faster series installatio
The UMA Mat System offers quick-connect M8 connectors on the mat that easily conceal under the trim offering easier installation and quick replacement.  The system can be used with the MC3 and MC6 4-wire controller; UMA mats can also be directly connected to NX-S or G9SP programmable safety controllers eliminating the need to intermediate controllers.Safety Mats are ideally suited to harsh environments where devices such as laser scanners and light curtains can false trip due to contaminants in the environment.  Safety mats when used as a start-up prevention device offer additional worker protection offering continual detection in hazardous areas.

How the System Works

The operation of a UMA Mat system is easy to understand. The mat is a simple, normally open switch. When a specified minimum weight is applied to the mat the “switch” closes. This sends a signal to the controller which, in turn, sends a stop signal to the guarded machine.

Each mat presents two wires with a terminating resistor or four wires to the controller providing the redundancy required to monitor the wiring for open circuits due to incorrect wiring or physical damage to the wires.

In order to meet many national safety regulations, Omron STI offers trim to secure the mat to the floor so that it cannot be easily relocated and therefore become ineffective.  In order to meet many national safety regulations, Omron STI offers ramp trim to minimize tripping and to secure the mat to the floor so that it cannot be easily relocated and therefore become ineffective.


  • One-part or Two-part perimeter and joining trim simplifies installation and provides a custom appearance
  • Two options for trim kit corners: Mitered and molded
Note: Trim options are unchanged from UM and UMQ series.Identical sizes are backward compatible., except for metric trim kits, which will no longer be made to the nearest half inch. UMA mats and trim kits will now be made to their true metric dimensions.


The following controllers are all approved with the UMA safety mat for 4-wire use. The MC3 and G9SP controller offer a single input, the MC6 and NX-S offers multiple 4-wire inputs.  The MC6 offers indications for up to 6 sets of mat inputs with a sinlge output zone, the NX-S offers 1 set of mats inputs per NX-SIH400 input unit, up to 128 inputs per system.

SCC-1224A Safety Mat / Edge Controller


The new SCC-1224A is a compact 22.5 mm wide DIN rail panel mount controller that is certified for use with Omron both 2-wire and 4-wire UMA safety mats and offers the following features: 

  • Switch selectable reset: eliminates jumper connections
  • Switch selectable output mode: reduces stocked models by combing functions into one unit 
  • Built-in termination resistor: allows for connection to both 2 and 4 wire safety bumpers using a single controller
  • 120V AC or 24V AC/DC: eliminate the need for an external power supply

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Presence sensing safety mats are used to monitor an entire hazardous area. They offer flexibility, quick access and may frequently be the most economic choice. Other options for perimeter guarding include interlocked barrier guards and safety light curtains. However, personnel can become trapped inside a barrier guard and safety light curtains only monitor the perimeter, not the hazardous area inside. Additionally, mats can also simplify routine tasks such as machine setup, maintenance and repair. Applications can be found throughout industry and typically include the following areas:

  • Welding Robots
  • Assembly Machinery
  • Material Handling
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Punches
  • Presses
  • Robotic Work Cells

Safety mats can be used in 2 ways:

1. Machine Shutdown by stopping the equipment when the mat senses a person or,

2. Start-up Preventation by continually sensing a person inside the cell, in the application another device like a light curtain would intiate machine shutdown.




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