Data Collection

Real-time scalable logic building blocks

Omron’s automatic and seamless data exchange through our machine automation, safety and proactive maintenance solutions facilitate better business decisions in real-time. Untimeliness, inaccuracies, and biases are removed. Unplanned maintenance is virtually eliminated. Fast and precise response means safer and more operations per cycle. Greater efficiency contributes to a higher return and lower operating costs.

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Using SQL to speed up data logging and create a more secure and integrated environment

Data logging is a critical part of the manufacturing process. For decades manufacturers have used SCADA or gateway systems to perform this task. However, these tend to be complex to support and vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It also requires more time to poll monitored devices.

The SQL programming language is designed to work with industry-standard relational databases. This makes the NJ MAC with SQL much easier to implement, maintain, and secure than traditional gateway data acquisition systems.
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