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If you manufacture packaging machines and want to increase your profitability, then we can help: with a complete range of services and products designed to increase your machine’s speed, versatility, performance and safety.
Although some of these packaging machine solutions are highly advanced, they are also proven to be extremely reliable, to maximise your customers’ loyalty.
Use our knowledge as a specialist automation partner to develop a new machine or upgrade an existing model.

How can we support you?

Your speciality – our specific expertise

Are you a specialist in bottling? Or perhaps you focus on snack foods? Do you manufacture primary packaging machines or do you offer secondary and final packaging machines as well? Whatever your speciality, we can discuss with you about increasing your profitability in packaging in any of the following sectors:
  • Bakery & biscuits
  • Beverages (alcoholic, non-alcoholic, dairy, oil &CSD)
  • Confectionary
  • Cosmetics & healthcare
  • Dry food & snacks
  • Fresh food
  • Homecare & other
  • Liquid & canned food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Ready meals


Even before the end-product is wrapped, canned, bottled or bagged, many packaging machine builders take time to consider their customers operations from start to finish.

The repeatability of operations with high productivity and high quality standards is a daily challenge.
That’s why Omron offers a wide product portfolio adapted to recipe-driven batch production, this requires technologies such as high-speed, high-resolution multi-loop regulation control, high-speed data processing and storage as well as seamless vision-based quality inspection.


Speed is the main challenge here. But there is also a need for

  • product batch size independence
  • easy-to-clean and easy-to-operate machines
  • maintaining hygiene standards.
Omron solutions for primary packaging increase both the speed and the flexibility of your primary packaging machines – thanks to our new leading-edge controller, which combines the latest real-time Ethernet fieldbus technology, EtherCAT, with our “One Software Environment” concept.

This unique combination empowers you to phase-out conventional mechanical systems, and replace them with highly versatile Delta-robot and vision systems.


The key challenges here are:

  • to match the production speeds of the primary packaging
  • to ensure individual pack or multi-pack integrity
  • to ensure easy adaptation of linear guides to convey both primary and secondary packages.

Omron solutions help you build more flexibility into your machines. We can provide the latest robotics and vision systems to help create, for example, robotic cartoners that pick and load 12 products simultaneously, using a pack pattern of either one, two or three layers.
With a set-up like this, increasing the speed is simply a question of increasing the number of products picked per operation.


The main challenge here is to ensure that high loads can be reliably handled at continuous high cycle frequencies.

Omron solutions include a wide range of highly robust electromechanical linear axes. Ready-to-install linear modules with different drive variants and turn/gripper modules complete the fully equipped handling modules.
The ability to use electric actuators in any combination also increases the versatility for cost-effective adaptations.
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