Your specialized partner

For more than 30 years Omron has been the preferred supplier of automation solutions to many packaging machine manufacturers.

Well-known for the quality and reliability of our products, we have also built a solid reputation as an innovator of advanced packaging systems. Recently, we launched a wide range of quality packaging automation products, and introduced an entirely new control platform Sysmac – one that enables packaging engineers to work with one software language and one connection type.

On top of that, we opened the first Pan-American Automation Center in our Chicago headquarters office: a hi-tech facility where our customers can test and validate automation ideas before committing resources. These activities are rapidly making us the preferred supplier for more packaging machine manufacturers.

How can we support you?

First: with automation expertise

Our engineers will provide you with flexible solutions that include more intuitive control, more real-time continuous-motion operation, easier robotic integration, and more recipe-driven changeovers – changeovers that take place at the touch of a screen.

As a specialist automation partner, Omron can support you at every stage of your new packaging machine development or existing machine upgrade.

More than 200 field engineers at work in almost 200 sites in 34 countries across the globe.

As a global manufacturer, we can provide our services anywhere in the world.

Wherever you are installing your machines, we can arrange, on-site, a liaison sales engineer to facilitate training, spare parts supply or even machine commissioning. All this in the local language with local documentation – giving you complete peace of mind.
Omron offices throughout the world. Click to see our Americas offices


Share your ideas with our salesmen. They have the experience and competence, and are empowered to make decisions. Thousands of OEMs have put their trust in our people. Find out how you can also benefit – just give us a call.
As soon as our involvement starts, a dedicated application engineer is appointed to coordinate all of the technical aspects of your project. Our engineers have in-depth expertise in and knowledge of networks, PLCs, motion, safety and HMIs when applied to machine automation.

Proof of concept

As your project matures make use of our Automation centers to test and catch-up with technology trends in motion, robotics, networking, safety, quality control etc. Make use of our Tsunagi (connectivity) laboratory to interface, test and validate your complete system with our new machine network (EtherCAT) and factory network (EtherNet/IP).


During your prototyping phase you will need flexibility in technical support, product supply and product exchange.
For those reasons, we will assign a dedicated Customer Service member, available to handle all logistic enquiries and to ensure you can keep your mind on the real issues.

Serial production

Throughout the life cycle of your machine, Omron offers reliable supply, regular software upgrades, rapid repair service and effective global support to your end users.

Our standard commitment includes:
  • 5 day repair door to door
  • 3 day delivery

Thanks to our relationships with packaging associations and universities, we are able to keep always informed on machine builders needs and to support customers with state of the art solutions.


Second: with quality products

essential for your profitability. Fortunately, Omron gives you both, and sets the standards in reliability and robustness even in the harshest of environments.

Having a wide selection of products is vital for ‘best-fit’ solutions. But having high-quality products with extremely low failure rates is

Automation products for packaging machines

  • XW5T_Push-In_Plus.jpg


    DIN Track Terminal Blocks with Push-In Plus Terminals

  • Xpectia FH.jpg


    Faster machine speed and high-precision operation

  • XER6022.jpg


    Explosion-Proof Rope Pull Emergency Stop Switch

  • S8VK-G12024.jpg


    The right power supply for your application

  • NX.jpg

    NX Series

    Performance and Practicality for Machine Control

  • Sysmac_press_image_04.jpg


    Machine Automation Controller - NJ5 Series

  • Sysmac_press_image_04.jpg

    NJ5 SQL Client

    NJ Machine Automation Controller with SQL Client Functionality

  • Sysmac_press_image_04.jpg

    NJ5 Robotics

    NJ machine controller with integrated Robotic functions

  • NE1A-EDR01.jpg


    Ethernet/IP-DeviceNet Router

  • NB Family.jpg


    OEM Focused Touch Screen

  • MX2_nieuw.jpg


    Born to Drive Machines

  • MS_MSF4800.jpg

    MS4800 / MSF4800

    Rugged and robust all purpose two-box design Safety Light Curtain - no separate control box or cables between transmitter & receiver

  • G9SP_cover.jpg


    The standalone safety controller

  • G9SA


    Expandable safety relay unit

  • G3PA_img


    Solid State Relays with exchangeable power cartridge

  • FQ2_family.jpg


    The new standard in image inspection and code verification

  • FH-L_Product_Image-Updated.jpg

    Easy Setting and Operation Using a Touch Pen

    The Perfect Solution for Medium Speed Vision Applications

  • CelciuX_img.jpg

    EJ1 Series

    Multi-Loop temperature control - Control and Connectivity

  • E5_C-T_group.jpg


    Compact and intelligent Ramp/Soak controllers

  • E5_C Series.jpg


    Compact and intelligent general-purpose controllers

  • E3Z_Product_Image.jpg


    E3Z IO-Link Photoelectric Sensor

  • E3Z_Product_Image.jpg


    General purpose sensor in compact plastic housing

  • E2B_Product_Image.jpg


    The ideal solution for standard industrial environments

  • Washdown Delta robot.jpg

    Delta Robot Series

    The fastest picking system integrated in the Sysmac platform

  • CP1L-EM_30_points.jpg


    Best in class compact machine controller

  • Accurax_G5_drive_NEW.jpg

    G5 Servo

    At the heart of every great machine