The Power of Packaging: A Guide to Global Markets

This special one-hour PAC webinar boasts experts on the packaging industry - Laura Studwell, Packaging Industry Marketing Manager for Omron Automation & Safety, Mike Uhrain, Technical Sales Manager of Packaging and Global Key Account Manager for Sumitomo (SHI) Demag and Derek Saniga, Senior Packaging Specialist for Best Packaging Systems.

Laura co-presents with Mike Uhrain on the trends affecting the packaging market including consumer-driven packaging, retailer pressure and flexible packaging. They share examples of how companies are developing modular versus linear machinery to address mass customization expectations in the market. Mike Uhrain continues the discussion, offering insight into regional developments impacting demand. He addresses demographic trends as well as other economic factors affecting the packaging market.

Derek and Laura jointly discuss the major industry segments and the factors affecting packaging machinery, including the top packaging markets by industry sector. Derek fields the discussion regarding packaging machinery market growth and the types of machinery that are playing an increasingly prominent role in the growth of the economy.

Together, the team of packaging experts provide a high-level overview of the state of the packaging machinery market as well as the barriers to entry and the economic outlook.