How Using a Programmable Safety Rated Controller for Emergency Stops can Increase the Life of Your Machine

Emergency stops of machinery can shorten the life of key components from accelerated wear.

How the machine stops and the type of safety controls used can increase the life of your machine. How do you stop your car as you approach a red light? Is it a gentle release of the gas pedal so it can coast or slamming on the brakes at the last minute, or somewhere in between?

Now, how do you stop your machine? Is it with a machine stop button that allows it to coast to a stop or with a safety device that immediately "slams on the brakes"? 

Download the article and learn how a programmable safety controller can combine both emergency and protective stops in a single safety control system to optimize responses to machine situations without separate systems for each type. Using programming instead of hard wiring allows the separation of stop types so the system can still meet the safety standard requirements.
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