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Clearbrook Honors Omron Automation and Safety as Volunteer of the Year

October 29, 2013

Omron Automation and Safety recently received the Exceptional Merit Award as a Clearbrook Volunteer of the Year for 2013.
Laura Warren, Director of Marketing at Clearbrook, summarized the context for the recognition: For the past 16 years, Omron has been supporting Clearbrook in various ways. Clearbrook is an agency that serves children and adults with developmental disabilities like autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. We’re creating opportunities for our clients, and we’re doing that because of companies like Omron that take it very seriously. Omron exemplifies the meaning of giving back to society.
Clearbrook, a non-profit organization, has grown dramatically in its almost 60 years of service — from its humble origins in the barn belonging to a local church in Rolling Meadows, a western suburb of Chicago, Illinois, to forty-five facilities located throughout the region. Serving thousands of residents across thirteen counties in Northern Illinois, Clearbrook provides education, care services, and on-going support programs tailored to the special needs of infants, adults and the elderly.
Clearbrook helps individuals and families through its thirty residential facilities and at-home family-based support services. Programs include: early intervention; respite care; autism resources; lending equipment and developmentally-appropriate, specially-adapted toys for children; adult community-based residential options; on-going services for individuals with autism, aging adults with developmental disabilities, and employment training and placement; and a full complement of clinical care. Providing this wide range of service is the effort of nearly 900 Clearbrook staff and care providers.
Over the years, Omron volunteers have helped Clearbrook with time and materials on numerous projects including painting, assistance with the organization’s resale shop, landscaping, and other time and labor-intensive facility renovations. Additionally, Omron provides financial contributions to the organization, most recently providing resources for renovations toClearbrook’s 92-bed Commons facility located in Rolling Meadows
Carl M. La Mell, President of Clearbrook presented the award to Omron at the organization’s annual awards banquet with these comments: Everything about our next award recipient is exceptional, making the Exceptional Merit Award all the more fitting for them…. a portion of their annual sales, and charitable resources are divided among organizations benefiting people with disabilities like Clearbrook, as well as education, cultural pursuits, seniors and other relevant social concerns. They similarly support a wonderful charitable matching program for their employees…
Accepting the Clearbrook Volunteer of the Year award on behalf of Omron was Dan Armentrout, Marketing Communications Manager. Dan has had a long relationship with Clearbrook dating back to his college years when he worked at the Commons as a rehabilitation aid for the clients that live there. Dan states, I am proud to be part of a company like Omron that embraces community involvement as part of our everyday culture as we continually build stronger bonds between our employees, our families, and awesome groups like Clearbrook. Following Omron’s acceptance, Senator Matt Murphy, presented Omron with formal recognition from the Illinois Senate of the 98th General Assembly of the State of Illinois acknowledging Omron’s volunteer efforts on behalf of Clearbrook.
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